We congratulate Alexander Chernykh!
On September 12, 1988 Olympic champion and 1989 world champion Alexander Chernykh celebrates his birthday.
Happy birthday, Alexander!
On September 11, two-time world champion Alexander Martynyuk celebrates his birthday.
In memory of Alexander Sidelnikov
On August 12, Olympic gold medalist and two time world champion Alexander Sidelnikov would have turned 68 years of age.
87 years since Genrikh Sidorenkov's birthday
Today on the 11th of August, legendary Soviet defenseman and one of the first USSR Olympic champions Genrikh Sidorenkov would have been celebrating his 87th birthday.
78 years since the birth of Viktor Kuzkin
78 years ago, Viktor Kuzkin, the legendary USSR ice hockey player, was born.
The 96th anniversary of Alexander Komarov's birthday
June 25 marks the 96th anniversary of Alexander Komarov's birthday.
Vladimir Kovin is 65!
On June 20, 1984 Olympic champion Vladimir Kovin celebrates his birthday. Today, he turned 65 years of age.

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