We congratulate Alexei Kasatonov!
On October 14, two-time Olympic champion, five-time world champion and eight-time European champion Alexei Kasatonov celebrates his birthday.
We congratulate Sergei Shepelev!
Sergei Shepelev, an Olympic champion with the USSR national team in 1984, celebrates his birthday on October 13.
We congratulate Alexei Zhitnik!
On the 10th of October, 1992 Olympic champion and Soviet and Russian ice hockey player Alexei Zhitnik celebrates his birthday.
We congratulate Boris Mikhailov!
On the 6th of October, two-time Olympic champion, legendary Soviet ice hockey player and member of the Russian Ice Hockey Federation board Boris Mikhailov celebrates his birthday.
We congratulate Alexander Kozhevnikov!
On the 21st of September, famous Soviet ice hockey player and two-time Olympic champion Alexander Kozhevnikov celebrates his birthday.
40 years since the 1981 Canada Cup triumph
Exactly 40 years ago, on 13 September 1981, the USSR national team famously won the 1981 Canada Cup.
Igor Kravchuk is 55!
On the 13th of September, two-time Olympic champion Igor Kravchuk celebrates his birthday.
We congratulate Alexander Chernykh!
On September 12, 1988 Olympic champion and 1989 world champion Alexander Chernykh celebrates his birthday.
We congratulate Alexander Martynyuk!
Alexander Martynyuk, a two-time world champion (1971, 1973) as a forward for the Soviet national team, celebrates his birthday on September 11.
We congratulate Sergei Petrenko!
On September 10 Sergei Petrenko, who won the 1992 Olympic Games with our senior national team, celebrates his birthday.
We congratulate Irek Gimaev!
On the 2nd of September, Soviet ice hockey player and three-time world champion Irek Gimaev celebrates his birthday.
We congratulate Andrei Trefilov!
Former ice hockey goalkeeper and 1992 Olympic champion Andrei Trefilov celebrates his birthday on August 31.
We congratulate Vladimir Malakhov!
On the 30th of August, Olympic champion and Triple Gold Club member Vladimir Malakhov celebrates his birthday
We congratulate Alexander Pashkov!
Alexander Pashkov, who won the 1972 Olympic Games and the 1978 World Championship, celebrates his birthday on August 27.
In memory of Valeri Kharlamov
Exactly 40 years ago, on 27 August 1981, legendary Soviet ice hockey forward Valeri Kharlamov tragically passed away in a road accident.
We congratulate Stanislav Petukhov!
On the 19th of August, Stanislav Petukhov, a Soviet forward who won the 1964 Olympic Games, celebrates his birthday.
We congratulate Yury Khmylyov!
Yury Khmylyov, a 1992 Olympic champion, is today celebrating his 57th birthday on August 9.
We congratulate Rafail Ishmatov!
On August 2, Rafail Ishmatov, an honoured USSR and Russian ice hockey player and coach, celebrates his birthday.
We congratulate Helmut Balderis!
Helmut Balderis, who won the World Championship in 1978, 1979 and 1983 with the USSR national team, is celebrating his birthday on July 31.
We congratulate Vyacheslav Bykov!
On the 24th of July, two-time Olympic champion and famous Russian ice hockey coach Vyacheslav Bykov celebrates his birthday.

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