Alexander Golikov is 70!
Legendary Soviet ice hockey player Alexander Golikov, who twice won the World Championship with the senior national team, is today celebrating his 70th birthday.
In memory of Viktor Yakushev
Today, on the 16th of November, five-time world champion and Olympic champion Viktor Yakushev would have turned 85 years of age.
Alexei Zhitnik is 50!
On October 10, Alexei Zhitnik, an Olympic champion in 1992, celebrates his birthday.
We congratulate Boris Mikhailov!
On the 6th of October, two-time Olympic champion, legendary Soviet ice hockey player and member of the Russian Ice Hockey Federation board Boris Mikhailov celebrates his birthday.
Alexander Syomin's testimonial match
On June 30, two-time world champion and Russian ice hockey legend Alexander Syomin participated in his testimonial in Krasnoyarsk.
In memory of Vladimir Petrov
Today, on the 30th of June, legendary Soviet ice hockey player Vladimir Petrov would have turned 75 years of age.
We congratulate Vladimir Kovin!
On the 20th of June, Soviet ice hockey player and 1984 Olympic champion Vladimir Kovin celebrates his birthday.
We congratulate Vladimir Myshkin!
On the 19th of June, legendary Soviet ice hockey goalkeeper and 1984 Olympic champion Vladimir Myshkin celebrates his birthday.
In memory of Nikolai Drozdetsky
Legendary Soviet ice hockey forward Nikolai Drozdetsky, who notably won the Olympic Games in 1984, would today have turned 65 years of age.
Happy birthday, Vladimir Golikov!
Today on the 10th of June, Soviet ice hockey player, four-time world champion and 1981 Canada Cup winner Vladimir Golikov is celebrating his birthday.
Mikhail Vasiliev is 60!
On June 8, 1984 Olympic champion and owner of all World Championship medals as a player of the Soviet national team Mikhail Vasiliev celebrates his birthday.
In memory of Viktor Tyumenev
Viktor Tyumenev, who won the World Championship three times and the World Challenge Cup in 1979, would today have turned 65 years of age.
We congratulate Fyodor Kanareykin!
On the 29th of May, honoured Russian coach Fyodor Kanareykin celebrates his birthday.
Yury Morozov has passed away
Yury Morozov, an honoured coach who notably won the World Championship in 1974, 1975 and 1980 as the head coach of the junior USSR national team, has sadly passed away.
Evgeny Davydov is 55!
On May 27, world and Olympic champion Evgeny Davydov celebrates his birthday.
Maxim Sokolov is 50!
Maxim Sokolov, a famous Russian goalkeeper and a current coach of SKA-Neva in the VHL, is today celebrating his 50th birthday.
Valentina Yashina has passed away
Valentina Yashina, the wife of legendary football goalkeeper Lev Yashin, has sadly passed away in the 92nd year of her life.
We congratulate Vyacheslav Starshinov!
On the 6th of May, honoured Soviet ice hockey player Vyacheslav Starshinov, who is a two-time Olympic champion, celebrates his birthday.
Vyacheslav Kozlov is 50!
Vyacheslav Kozlov, a legend of Russian ice hockey who twice won the NHL Stanley Cup and the KHL Gagarin Cup during his glittering career, is today celebrating his 50th birthday.
We congratulate Igor Varitsky!
On March 25, current HC Vityaz Podolsk general manager and 1993 world champion Igor Varitsky celebrates his birthday.

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