In memory of Nikolai Puchkov
Today is the 90th anniversary of Nikolai Puchkov's birthday, the legendary ice hockey goalkeeper and coach.
Happy birthday, Pyotr Vorobyov!
On the 28th of January, 1998 Olympic silver medalist, 1993 World Championship silver medalist, 1992 World Junior Championship champion, 1997 Russian champion and 2006 Continental Cup winner Pyotr Vorobyov celebrates his birthday. Today, he turned 69 years old.
We congratulate Yury Lyapkin!
1976 Olympic champion Yury Lyapkin celebrates his birthday on the 21st of January.
Happy birthday, Alexander Gusev!
On the 21st of January, 1976 Olympic champion Alexander Gusev celebrates his birthday.
In memory of Ivan Tregubov
On January 19, Olympic and world champion Ivan Tregubov would have turned 90 years of age.
80 years since the birth of Alexander Almetov
The 18th of January marks the 80th anniversary of Alexander Almetov's birthday.
Vladimir Zubkov is 62!
On January 14, Soviet defenseman and two-time world champion Vladimir Zubkov celebrates his birthday.
We congratulate Sergei Nemchinov!
On January 14, two time world champion and Olympic Games silver medalist Sergei Nemchinov celebrates his birthday.
In memory of Valery Kharlamov
On January 14 2020, legendary Soviet ice hockey forward Valery Kharlamov would have turned 72 years old.
Happy birthday, Yury!
On January 13, 1972 Olympic champion Yury Blinov celebrates his birthday.
Nikolai Borshchevsky is 55!
On January 12, 1992 Olympic champion Nikolai Borshchevsky celebrates his birthday. Today, he turned 55 years of age.
We congratulate Alexander Yakushev!
On January 2, two time Olympic champion Alexander Yakushev celebrates his birthday!
Happy birthday, Vladimir Lutchenko!
On January 2, two time Olympic champion Vladimir Lutchenko celebrates his birthday!
65th anniversary of Sergei Gimaev's birthday
1 January 2020 marks the 65th anniversary of the birthday of Sergei Gimaev, who was a successful ice hockey player and commentator.
Happy birthday, Vasily Pervukhin!
On January 1, 1984 Olympic champion Vasily Pervukhin celebrates his birthday.

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