In memory of Nikolai Puchkov
Today is the 89th anniversary of Nikolai Puchkov's birthday, the legendary ice hockey goalkeeper and coach.
We congratulate Yury Lyapkin!
1976 Olympic champion Yury Lyapkin celebrates his birthday on the 21st of January.
Happy birthday, Alexander Gusev!
On the 21st of January, 1976 Olympic champion Alexander Gusev celebrates his birthday.
In memory of Ivan Tregubov
On January 19, Olympic and world champion Ivan Tregubov would have turned 89 years of age.
79th anniversary of Alexander Almetov's birthday
Today, on January 18, Olympic champion Alexander Almetov would have turned 79 years of age.
We congratulate Alexander Yakushev!
On January 2, two time Olympic champion Alexander Yakushev celebrates his birthday!
Happy birthday, Vasily Pervukhin!
On January 1, 1984 Olympic champion Vasily Pervukhin celebrates his birthday.
Vladimir Malakhov is 50 years of age!
On August 30, former national team defenseman Vladimir Malakhov celebrates his birthday. Today, he turned 50 years of age.
Nikolai Uryupin is 60!
On August 12, the Russian Ice Hockey Federation chief for ice hockey Nikolai Uryupin celebrates his birthday. Today, he turned 60 years of age.
In memory of Alexander Sidelnikov
On August 12, Olympic gold medalist and two time world champion Alexander Sidelnikov would have turned 68 years of age.

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