Reaction after Russia U16 played Belarus U18

Representatives of the under 16 Russian national team shared their emotions after losing the concluding game of the President's Sporting Club Cup 1:4 against the under 18 Belarusian national team:

Russia U16 head coach Dmitry Mikhailov:

- This tournament will allow our players to progress. We will now analyse the information which we have recieved and see what we need to improve. International experience is vital, this is why we play in these games. I would like to thank the organisers for allowing us to play here at this excellent competition! What went wrong in this match? We failed to use our scoring chances, and we have to take into account that we were playing against an organised side which is older than us.

Russia U16 player Dmitry Yakutsenak:

- Our task as players of the Russian national team is to always finish in first place. Unfortunately, we couldn't achieve this. The age difference? I don't think that we can use this as an excuse. Nevertheless, this was a good experience, especially given that we will soon start playing in the MHL with our respective clubs where teams have guys a lot older than us.

Russia U16 player Daniil Skvortsov:

- It's disappointing that we lost this game, we fought hard until the end. We simply couldn't use our chances to score. It was a brilliant experience for us playing at this tournament, the facilities are great and we have learned a lot. Thank you to the organisers for inviting us.

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