The IIHF has approved the principles for the return of Russia and Belarus

The Congress of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) approved the principles for the return of the Russian and Belarusian national teams concerning international competitions.

According to the decision, the senior and junior national teams will return to the elite division. 98 IIHF members were in favour of this decision, while 10 were against and 11 abstained.

The date of the return of Russia and Belarus will be determined separately. The issue will be raised annually before the next IIHF congress, which approves the list of participants for the world championships of the upcoming season.

Russian Ice Hockey Federation Representative for International Affairs Pavel Bure:

- We have undertaken a lot of work when it comes to negotiations with the IIHF. We are happy that the Congress voted in favour of this decision, the principles of Russia's return to the international scene have been defined. At the moment, we don't know when the return will happen, but we can see that they are waiting for our team to play again.

President of the Russian Ice Hockey Federation Vladislav Tretiak:

- The majority of IIHF members have voted in favour of the return of our team. We know how the world feels with regard to Russian ice hockey. We are counting on returning in 2024, we will do everything possible in order for this to happen. We're continuing to work on a daily basis, our system with regards to our national teams is operating as normal. Our coaches, players and specialists are ready to participate in any international tournament at any time.

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