The 2022 Ovechkin Cup will take place in Krasnogorsk

Between the 8th and 13th of August, the 2022 Ovechkin Cup will take place at the Vladimir Petrov Academy in Krasnogorsk, Moscow Region.

Teams consisting of players born in 2010 wil participate in the tournament.

Here are the group line-ups:

Group A: CSKA Moscow, Ak Bars Kazan, Traktor Chelyabinsk, Salavat Yulaev Ufa, Avangard Omsk, Atlant Moscow Region.

Group B: Lokomotiv-2004 Yaroslavl, SKA-Strelna Saint Petersburg, Dynamo Moscow, Vityaz Podolsk, Spartak Moscow, Yunost Minsk.


August 8

Opening ceremony (10:00*)
Salavat Yulaev - Avangard (main arena, 10:30)
Lokomotiv-2004 - Yunost (training arena, 10:30)
CSKA - Atlant (main arena, 12:45)
Vityaz - Spartak (training arena, 12:45)
Traktor - Ak Bars (main arena, 15:00)
Dynamo - SKA-Strelna (training arena, 15:00)

August 9

Avangard - Traktor (training arena, 10:00)
Yunost - SKA-Strelna (main arena, 10:00)
Atlant - Ak Bars (training arena, 12:15)
Spartak - Dynamo (main arena, 12:15)
CSKA - Salavat Yulaev (training arena, 14:30)
Lokomotiv-2004 - Vityaz (main arena, 14:30)

August 10

Ak Bars - Avangard (main arena, 10:00)
Vityaz - Yunost (training arena, 10:00)
Traktor - CSKA (main arena, 12:15)
Dynamo - Lokomotiv-2004 (training arena, 12:15)
Salavat Yulaev - Atlant (main arena, 14:30)
SKA-Strelna - Spartak (training arena, 14:30)

August 11

Yunost - Spartak (main arena, 10:00)
Salavat Yulaev - Traktor (training arena, 10:00)
Lokomotiv-2004 - SKA-Strelna (main arena, 12:15)
CSKA - Ak Bars (training arena, 12:15)
Vityaz - Dynamo (main arena, 14:30)
Atlant - Avangard (training arena, 14:30)

August 12

Ak Bars - Salavat Yulaev (main arena, 10:00)
Dynamo - Yunost (training arena, 10:00)
Traktor - Atlant (main arena, 12:15)
SKA-Strelna - Vityaz (training arena, 12:15)
Avangard - CSKA (main arena, 14:30)
Spartak - Lokomotiv-2004 (training arena, 14:30)

August 13

Legends match (main arena, 10:00)
Match for third place (training arena, 10:00)
Final (main arena, 11:45)
Match for 11th place (training arena, 12:15)
Awards ceremony (main arena, 14:00)
Match for 9th place (training arena, 14:30)
Match for 5th place (main arena, 14:45)
Match for 7th place (training arena, 16:45)

*All times in accordance with Moscow time

Until August 13, matches can be attended without tickets. However, on the final day of competition, invitational tickets are required. You can book them by sending an email to

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