Reaction after beating Sweden at the Women's World Championship


Russian women's national team head coach Alexei Chistyakov:

- When we were down 0:2, we made some changes to the team and I think that we got our point across to the girls. In the break, we told that them it is possible to save such matches if you show character and desire. In the second period, we took a lot of penalties. Our discipline went missing, but some penalties were given for no reason. Elena received a four minute penalty when a Swedish player crash into her. However, when you're frustrated, you need to take it out by scoring goals and not earning penalties. Maria Sorokina started the game, but things didn't go that well. I brought Nadezhda Alexandrova in to get the team going. Fanuza Kadirova was excellent, she scored am important goal. For her penalty shot, we told her to give herself a present for her birthday. If we talk about the tournament overall, we weren't consistent and shouldn't be in fifth place. Thanks to the girls for showing their character today.

Russian women's national team forward Olga Sosina:

- If this would have been a medal game, we would have had more emotions. Nevertheless, we are happy that we showed that we are a united team. We came back from 0:2 down and scored important goals. What did I tell the other players in the break? Nothing special, I just told them that we can turn this match around. We started to fight and follow the game plan.

Russian women's national team goalkeeper Nadezhda Alexandrova:

- It's hard to describe my emotions right now. I played and didn't worry about the scoreline. After the players began to score, I believed that we could win. The first period wasn't good, but then we started playing better. It's a shame that we couldn't do it in the previous game. We showed that we are a team, however we were lacking something in other games. When we started celebrating after only three penalty shots, I started to think about when another Russian team did the same at a different tournament. 

Russian women's national team forward Fanuza Kadirova:

- I started the game in one line with Olga Sosina and Lyudmila Belyakova, but then Anna Shokhina replaced Lyudmila. We had to change something and it worked. When I scored, I didn't think about my birthday. We are still happy that we finished the tournament on a positive note, but we were lacking something against Germany. That defeat is still fresh in the memory. When we were losing 0:2, the coach reminded us of previous comebacks. We believed in ourselves and managed to score goals. I wasn't that confident with my penalty shot, but I had practised it at training. If I hadn't have scored, I would have been told that no one attempts penalty shots like that on this level. 

Russian Ice Hockey Federation 

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