Friendly match. Slovakia U18 - Russia U17 - 1:4

In the first of a series of planned friendly matches, the under 17 Russian national team managed to defeat the under 18 Slovakia national team on the road, emerging victorious by a score of 4:1.

Daniil But, Gennady Chaliy, Alexander Rybakov and Alexander Rykov all hit the target, while goaltender Yegor Zavragin stopped 22 of the 23 shots he faced.

The two teams will face each other again tomorrow at 12:30 Moscow time.

Match protocol:

Slovakia U18 - Russia U17 - 1:4 (1:1, 0:1, 0:2)


1:0 Kukumberg (Nahalka), 12.25
1:1 But (Zaitsev), 17.18
1:2 Chaliy (But), 37.11
1:3 Rybakov (Rykov), 42.23
1:4 Rykov (Telegin, Nizameev), 46.40

Goalkeepers: Jurcak - Zavragin

Shots on target: 23 - 39

Penalty minutes: 14 - 12


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