IIHF Congress and the new head coach of the senior Russian national team

Dear friends!

The Semi-Annual International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) Congress has ended in Saint Petersburg.

The IIHF will be headed by Luc Tardif. On behalf of the ice hockey community in Russia, I would like to congratulate Luc with his victory in the IIHF presidential elections!

Russia has always treated the work of the IIHF with great respect. Luc Tardif is an experienced ice hockey functionary who has served for many years in the governing bodies of the IIHF. He is a professional and has established himself as an important member of Fasel's management team. I have no doubt that Luc Tardif will be successful in his new role, and that world ice hockey will witness new achievements under his leadership.

The IIHF has always been and remains a friendly ice hockey family, in which everyone cares about each other while developing our sport. Russia will have good working and human relations with the IIHF's new president. We are among the leading ice hockey countries in the world, and we will certainly establish all the necessary contacts with Luc Tardif and his team.

Of course, we have to say a big thank you to Rene Fasel. He directed our sport for 27 years and did an excellent job of his duties. Rene has always been a great professional and a sincere person. He knew how to solve the most difficult problems, always willing to cooperate. He has a sharp mind and a kind, open soul. I treat Fasel with great warmth and respect. He was and remains a close friend of Russia.

Pavel Bure's election to the IIHF Council is especially important for Russia. I am sure that Pavel, who is the RIHF's special advisor for international matters, will enjoy plenty of success in his new role!

An important event that took place within the framework of the Congress was the presentation of the logo for the 2023 IIHF World Championship. Next season, for the first time in history, one country will host both the youth and senior World Championships in one year, with Novosibirsk, Omsk and Saint Petersburg forming the competition hosts.

The decision to submit a recommendation for the RIHF to sign a contract with Alexei Zhamnov as the head coach of the Russian national team was influenced, in particular, by the participation of NHL players in the Olympic Games. At the same time, it is important to note that there is still no official decision concerning the participation of the NHL. As you know, it will be made known before January 10.

Oleg Znarok and Valeri Bragin will join the team's management group as consultants, we would like to thank them for agreeing to work in this position. These experienced professionals will assist our team during the preparation period and participation in the Olympics.

President of the Russian Ice Hockey Federation,

Vladislav Tretiak

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