2021 Sochi Hockey Open. HC Sochi - Russian Olympic team - 3:2

In their third match of the 2021 Sochi Hockey Open, the Russian Olympic national team came up short against the competition hosts, HC Sochi, conceding a narrow 2:3 defeat.

Fyodor Svechkov and Nikita Chibrikov had initially given our team a confident 2:0 advantage in the first period. However, Sochi halved our lead in the second stanza, before subsequently tallying two late markers in the ensuing third frame to win the game.

Russia will next compete against Avtomobilist at the tournament on Sunday. Puck-drop is scheduled for 14:00 Moscow time.

Match protocol:

HC Sochi - Russian Olympic national team - 3:2 (0:2, 1:0, 2:0)


0:1 Svechkov (Koromyslov, Makarov), 05.41
0:2 Chibrikov (Svechkov, Khusnutdinov), 15.50
1:2 Nikolaev (Kolgotin), 27.44
2:2 Petkov (Mishchenko, Bakos), 56.11
3:2 Glotov (Bakos, Rundblad), 57.59

Goalkeepers: Tretyak - Askarov

Shots on target: 45 - 22

Faceoffs: 27 - 34

Penalty minutes: 10 - 8


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