Friendly match. Russia U18 - MHC Dynamo Moscow - 4:1

In Novogorsk, the under 18 Russian national team managed to defeat MHC Dynamo Moscow in a friendly match, emerging victorious by a score of 4:1.

The game was staged in preparation for the upcoming 2021 Hlinka Gretzky Cup, which will take place in Breclav (Czech Republic) and Piestany (Slovakia) in early August. Russia will compete against Finland (August 2), Switzerland (August 3) and the Czech Republic (August 4) in the group phase of the competition.

Ivan Miroshnichenko, Alexander Perevalov, Ilya Kvochko and Matvei Michkov all hit the target during the 60 minutes, before Vladislav Sapunov also scored in a planned overtime period. Furthermore, our players won an ensuing penalty shootout between the sides.

Russia will continue training in Novogorsk until July 29. Another friendly match will be staged on July 31 with the Slovaks in the Czech Republic.

Russia U18 roster for the game against MHC Dynamo Moscow:

Ivanov (Murashov);

Kudryatsev, Malyavin - Miroshnichenko, Kvochko, Michkov;
Sapunov, Duda - Trikozov, Grigoryev, Gazizov;
Barabosha, Remezovsky - Larkin, Davydov, Sinyatin;
Safin, Gulyaev - Perevalov, Rogovsky, Demidov.

Russia U18 head coach Vladimir Filatov:

- I liked how our players applied pressure during the first period, it was clear how they were competing with desire. It's too early to speak about the final roster for the tournament, though, we will analyse all of the video footage we have. 21 skaters and three goalkeepers will travel to the Czech Republic with us. A lot of the guys hadn't skated for a while before this training camp, so we needed to get them back in shape. We've been working on tactical, technical and conditioning aspects of the game.

Match protocol:

Russia U18 - MHC Dynamo Moscow - 4:1 (2:0, 2:1, 0:0)


1:0 Miroshnichenko (Duda), 08.15
2:0 Perevalov (Rogovsky), 10.06
3:0 Kvochko (Perevalov), 27.25
4:0 Michkov (Kvochko), 32.01
4:1 Zapolsky (Nikonov), 39.11

Goalkeepers: Ivanov/Murashov - Putulyan/Petkilev

Penalty minutes: 8 - 6


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