Euro Hockey Tour. Russia - Czech Republic - 7:4

In the concluding match of the Swedish Hockey Games, the third stage of the 2020/2021 Euro Hockey Tour, the senior Russian national team defeated the Czech Republic 7:4 in a goal-filled thriller in Malmo.

Russia found themselves trailing by a score of 2:3 after 40 minutes. Initially, Zakhar Bardakov gave our team the lead, but the Czechs tallied three consecutive markers before Pavel Kraskovsky halved the deficit.

Nevertheless, the Russians conjured up an incredible response in the ensuing third period, outscoring the opponents 5:1 with Nikolai Kovalenko, Daniil Misyul, Vasily Podkolzin, Vladimir Butuzov and Nikita Chibrikov all hitting the target.

This triumph does indeed confirm Russia as the champions of this season's Euro Hockey Tour campaign. Our players have emerged victorious in all nine tournament games to date, a new competition record.

Match protocol:

Russia - Czech Republic - 7:4 (1:1, 1:2, 5:1)


1:0 Bardakov (Chibrikov, Kirsanov), 07.29
1:1 Spacek (Lenc, Sulak), 16.18
1:2 Flek, 29.24
1:3 Klok (Spacek), 30.37
2:3 Kraskovsky (Kovalenko), 37.04
3:3 Kovalenko (Misyul), 48.34
4:3 Misyul (Podkolzin, Butuzov), 52.58
5:3 Podkolzin, 54.11
6:3 Butuzov, 57.26
7:3 Chibrikov (Bardakov, Podkolzin), 57.46
7:4 Tomasek, 59.05

Goalkeepers: Askarov - Hrachovina

Shots on target: 31 - 36

Penalty minutes: 34 - 12


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