Gala match on Red Square. Student Hockey League Stars - Red Stars - 4:8

In Moscow, a special gala match took place on Red Square in connection with the All-Russian Student Sporting Night celebration, with a Student Hockey League Stars team competing against the Red Stars side.

Minister of Sport of the Russian Federation Oleg Matytsin, Minister of Higher Education and Science Valeri Falkov, First Vice-President of the Russian Ice Hockey Federation Roman Rotenberg, rectors of Russian universitites, managements of student ice hockey teams, the best players of the Student Hockey League and famous Russian players all participated in the game. The Red Stars claimed victory by a score of 8:4.

Student Hockey League Stars - Red Stars - 4:8 (2:2, 1:2, 1:4)


1:0 Rotenberg, 02:15
2:0 Yashin (Rotenberg), 04.45
2:1 Prokopenko (Demyanov), 07.40
2:2 Demyanov (Neverov), 16.30
3:2 Rotenberg (Khramtsov), 33.00
3:3 Morozov (Matytsin), 33.45
3:4 Kovalyov (Neverov, Guskov), 27.20
3:5 Troshchinsky (Morozov), 43.45
3:6 Prokopenko, 47.15
3:7 Shchadikov (Kabanov), 56.00
3:8 Kovalyov (Guskov), 57.20
4:8 Rotenberg (Ryabov), 59.30

Goalkeepers: Chernenkov/Badretdinov - Romashko


First Vice-President of the Russian Ice Hockey Federation Roman Rotenberg:

- The development of student ice hockey is a very important matter. It is a great honour for me to participate today in this wonderful game under the stars of the Kremlin in the very heart of the capital and our entire country. We must pay even more attention to student and mass sports, finalize all the nuances and details. In terms of expanding the Student Hockey League, our task is to have an ice hockey rink in every university and to have a common schedule so that students do not have to choose between sports and studies. People should both study well and play sports. This does not mean that everyone must necessarily become professional in ice hockey, subsequently they will have the opportunity to choose any profession - to become an economist, lawyer or a professional player if they are good enough. The main thing is to give a person a choice.

We have additional programs aimed at combining sports and studies. We have been working on this for several years already, we have been consulting with the Ministry of Sport and the Ministry of Education. I am sure that we will achieve our goal of ensuring that all students can participate in sport whether it be ice hockey, football, chess; it doesn't matter. We are all one sporting family!

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