Friendly match. HC Sochi - Russian U20 Olympic team - 6:2

On Wednesday, the under 20 Russian Olympic team competed in a friendly match against HC Sochi, conceding a 2:6 defeat to the hosts.

Initially, Egor Afanasyev had given Russia the lead, but Sochi struck back with five consecutive markers to put the game out of sight. Rodion Amirov scored a late Russian consolation goal.

Vsevolod Skotnikov was the Russian goalkeeper throughout the 60 minutes.

The next exhibition game between the sides will be held on July 31. The Russian under 20 Olympic team will then subsequently participate at the Sochi Hockey Open.

HC Sochi - Russian U20 Olympic team - 6:2 (0:1, 4:0, 2:1)


0:1 Afanasyev (Abramov), 13.24
1:1 Shmelyov (Tochitsky), 24.52
2:1 Kolgotin (Garaev, Kazakov)
3:1 Alexandrov (Shmelyov, Tochitsky)
4:1 Klimontov (Miromanov), 38.36
5:1 Mineev (Kazakov), 50.35
5:2 Amirov (Safonov, Groshev), 58.30
6:2 Kazakov (Pogorishniy), 59.27

Goalkeepers: Tretyak/Kulbakov - Skotnikov

Shots on target: 25 - 33

Faceoffs: 24 - 30

Penalty minutes: 4 - 2


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