Sirius and the RIHF will hold a floorball tournament in Sochi

The Sirius Educational Centre and the Russian Ice Hockey Federation (RIHF) will hold a children's floorball competition.

The all-Russian "Sporting Summer" project was shown to President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, on May 21. Floorball tournaments with simplified rules will be staged by the Sirius Educational Centre and the Russian Ice Hockey Federation in Sochi.

The project was presented by Elena Shmeleva, the head of the Sirius Educational Centre. The "Sporting Summer" project, alongside floorball, will include theoretical and practical exercises.

The Russian Ice Hockey Federation and the Sirius Educational Centre have now been partners for three years. During the season, junior Russian national teams regularly hold training camps at the centre, and RIHF specialists organise master-classes for students. Floorball tournaments are also held yearly with the participation of players of junior national teams.

Elena Shmeleva, the head of the Sirius Educational Centre:

- We announced the recruitment of students and representatives of business partners for the organisation of technological and educational work with pupils at our regional centres. Pupils will be able to learn the strategy of the development of our regions, while also getting acquainted with leading supporting universitites. At the moment, this is taking place at a distance, but it will subsequently be in person. Together with volunteers of the All-Russian People Front and the Russian Ice Hockey Federation, we agreed to make children's leisure not only intelligent, but also sporting. The "Sporting Summer" floorball competitions will be held with simplified rules.

Roman Rotenberg, first vice-president of the Russian Ice Hockey Federation:

- I am happy that the Russian Ice Hockey Federation, together with its long term partner, the Sirius Educational Centre, has been able to organise an interesting and useful summer for children. Of course, it goes without saying that the tournaments will only be held after the social restrictions have been taken away. As a consequence of the current situation, the guys have not been able to participate in sporting activities, and the "Sporting Summer" project is a great opportunity for them to improve their fitness.

Floorball is a simple game which doesn't require expensive equipment or special facilities. However, at the same time, it helps develop skills and intelligence which is needed when playing ice hockey. That is why floorball is included in the list of training plans of Russian national teams of all ages.

I am convinced that thanks to the "Sporting Summer" tournament, we can not only organise a summer holiday for children, but also make ice hockey more popular. Ice hockey is our national sport.

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