Russia Hockey Makes Dreams Come True!

The new season of "Russia Hockey Makes Dreams Come True" is starting.

All charity of the Russian Ice Hockey Federation (RIHF) will be included in the project this season.

Within the framework of the project, the RIHF will fulfill the dreams of fans while implementing projects aimed at supporting, developing and popularising ice hockey in the Russian Federation. We give people the opportunity to make their goals come true and share joyous moments with others.

Like no one else, professional athletes understand how important it is to believe in a dream and never give up. Successful people always share this opinion!

As a part of this project, the website will contain stories about overcoming difficulties, dialogues of generations and a sporting character alongside the factor of achieving your goal and being happy, overcoming all obstacles.

The priority is to support children's health and their healthcare, including those with disabilities, and bringing them closer to ice hockey.

If you have a dream, which can be assisted by the Russian Ice Hockey Federation, please send an email to this following address:

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