The RIHF presented all sections of the Red Machine National Development Program

In Sochi, at the Sirius Educational Centre, a presentation of the Red Machine National Development Program took place.

Theory methods for players between the ages of six and 16 were presented alongside seperate training ideas for goalkeepers and the mobile application - an online helper for coaches.

Team leader of the Russian national team and first vice-president of the Russian Ice Hockey Federation, Roman Rotenberg, opened the conference with this following speech:

- The creation of a national development program is a breakthrough for us all. There has never been such a program in the history of Russian ice hockey before, and there isn't a similar system in any other sports in Russia either. Our program is advanced, even in comparison with the ice hockey federations representing other countries. We are very grateful to the Ministry of Sport and the Sirius Educational Centre for their cooperation, which is allowing us to develop. We released our mobile application today, which can now be downloaded in the App Store. Our program creates a united standard for everyone including coaches, parents and children. It is absolutely free. More than 20 people have developed this program. When we were creating it, we took into account the experience gained by Soviet coaches, foreign systems and our own ideas. Alongside the sporting aspect, there is advice for psychology, nutrition and communication with parents and teammates. Yes, this is an ice hockey program, but it can develop people too. Even if a player doesn't become a professional, he will become a team player in terms of general life skills.

"We took into account the model of working used by the Russian Ice Hockey Federation when creating programs for coaches and those working in culture," stated head of the Talent and Success Foundation, Elena Shmelyova. "It's very important to see how professionals in different areas work. Looking at the success of our ice hockey players, we can boldly say that this program is working. I hope that the Sirius Educational Centre made a big contribution to the development and launching of the Red Machine program, there will be more coaches coming here to work with us because of this creation."

"Last October, the concept of developing young players in the country was approved," said deputy Minister of Sport, Sergei Kosilov. "The training and implementation of united training programs for all sports is provided. Thanks to this approach and attitude, which is being demonstrated by the Russian Ice Hockey Federation, the first of these programs is the Red Machine National Development Program. We can expect to have a new generation of Olympic champions."

The "Red Machine. Coach" mobile application was presented for the first time. This will notably simplify the training process, helping the coaches run their sessions.

Head coach of the Russian Olympic national team, Oleg Bratash, spoke in detail about the new manual of the program which has been developed for goalkeepers. Development coach for Russian national teams and the national development program, Daniel Bochner, mentioned the systematic approach to skating in youth ice hockey. Advisor to the RIHF president for the development of women's ice hockey, Mikhail Chekanov, outlined the main aspects of using the national development program's tools in the daily work of youth coaches' work. All participants of the seminar - both coaches and players at the Sirius - had the opportunity to ask any relevant questions.

The program continued with a master-class. A training session in accordance with standards of the Red Machine National Development was conducted by Russian Olympic national team coaches Oleg Bratash and Nikolai Khabibulin, RIHF development coach Daniel Bochner and other specialists.

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