Russia U17 win the World Hockey Challenge!

The under 17 Russian national team defeated the USA 6:2 to win the 2019 World Hockey Challenge!

Goals from Fyodor Svechkov, Prokhor Poltapov, Ilya Ivantsov, Nikita Chibrikov and Vsevolod Gaydamak gave Russia a 5:0 advantage with only four minutes remaining of the third period.

After that, the Americans did claw two goals back, but an empty-netter from Danila Yurov secured the triumph!

Russia U17 were already the reigning champions after winning the competition in 2018.

Match protocol:

Russia U17 - USA U17 - 6:2 (0:0, 2:0, 4:2)


1:0 Svechkov (Gaydamak), 27.34
2:0 Poltapov (Lazutin, Chibrikov), 39.49
3:0 Ivantsov, 46.06
4:0 Chibrikov, 54.49
5:0 Gaydamak (Yurov), 55.42
5:1 Hreschuk (Brown, Wilmer), 56.15
5:2 Saganiuk (Pastujov, Hughes), 58.12
6:2 Yurov, 59.39

Goalkeepers: Brinkman - Mbereko
Shots on target: 19 - 34
Penalty minutes: 8 - 4


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