2019 World Hockey Challenge. Russia U17 - Finland U17 - 4:5 SO

In the second game of the 2019 World Hockey Challenge, the under 17 Russian national team conceded a disappointing 4:5 penalty shootout defeat to Finland.

Nikita Chibrikov, Fyodor Svechkov, Vladislav Lukashevich and Daniil Lazutin scored the Russian goals in regulation time. With one minute remaining, Russia were heading for victory, but Finland equalised with only 47 seconds remaining.

Russia will now play Sweden on Tuesday evening.

Match protocol:

1:0 Chibrikov (Lazutin), 04.32
1:1 Vilen, 05.22
1:2 Marjala (Sandvik), 06.09
2:2 Svechkov (Yurov, Lukashevich), 14.35
3:2 Lukashevich (Nadvorny, Ivantsov), 23.46
4:2 Lazutin (Chibrikov, Berezovsky), 25.15
4:3 Miettinen (Lambert, Marjala), 30.04
4:4 Salminen (Lambert, Juusola), 59.13


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