Ilya Vorobyov: "We have things to work on"

Head coach of the senior Russian national team, Ilya Vorobyov, shared his opinions after defeating Norway 5:2 at the 2019 IIHF World Championship:

- We told the guys that they need to finish matches better. They have work to do. However, on a more positive note, I liked our performance on the powerplay. Vladislav Gavrikov was solid on the ice. Overall, I liked how the team tried, the movement was there and there was great commitment. Will Alexander Georgiev play against Austria on Monday? We will switch goalkeepers in different matches. Why is it impossible for us to have an 18-year-old leader like Finland? It's possible. It doesn't matter if the player is 18 or 16, if he is ready to represent the senior national team he will.

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