Oleg Znarok: "Anyone can score on our team"

- The three days rest relaxed us a bit.

- Were Norway less fresh after playing yesterday?

- No, in the second period we only had an 8-7 lead on the shot count.

- Did you want to attack hard in the first period?

- Of course. The second wasn't great in terms of tactics.

- Those players who couldn't score in the previous matches did it today.

- It's great. They got a feel for the game.

- Everyone is scoring except Pavel Datsyuk.

- Pavel is doing his job really well.

- Have you watched the Czech Republic play?

- Yes. They also struggled after resting for three days.

- Looking at the Euro Hockey Tour, the Czechs are a good opponent for you.

- Here, all teams are on an equal footing. The smallest of errors can affect the result.

- Despite winning, you don't look happy.

- We weren't playing in the final today.

- Czech goaltender Pavel Francouz has won two penalty shootouts at these Olympic Games.

- He is a difficult goalkeeper to beat, he catches the glove in the other hand in comparison to most goaltenders. We will prepare.

- How will the team rest before the Olympic semi-final?

- It's important to rest, we lost a lot of energy. We will go to the hotel and sleep.

- Did the fourth line lead the team today?

- They scored the first goal. However, we don't have a fourth line, we have a team. Anyone can score.

- Will you change the roster?

- I don't know, I'll discuss that with the other coaches.

- Are you unhappy with something today?

- There is always a reason to be unsatisfied, there are problems even when you have won. Each mistake can be crucial at the Olympic Games.

- Looking at percentages, how well did the team perform today?

- Not very well.

Russian Ice Hockey Federation

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