Reaction after the 2018 Olympic Games match against the USA


Goaltender Valeria Tarakanova:

- We tried hard. However, the opponents are stronger than us in some aspects. Nevertheless, we'll catch them up eventually. I think that it will happen in the near future. When I made a pad save, I saw the player waiting by the far post and I reacted in time.

- Did you expect the opponents to shoot so often?

- Of course. There are no easy matches with the Americans, they always register a lot of shots. We always fight until the end, no matter what the score is.

- Are Canada stronger than the USA?

- Maybe a little bit. I didn't play against Canada, but they have a good, well coached team.

- In the WHL, do you have to save so many shots?

- Usually, there are around 30 shots a game. I don't think that there have been 50 before.

Forward Olga Sosina:

- We need to create opportunities and score goals. I had chances, but I didn't take advantage of them. No forwards have scored yet.

- Have you seen Finland play?

- They have a good team, I think it will be an interesting game. We will do everything possible, it's time to finally score goals. I think that every forward will make conclusions for themselves after these two matches. 

- Will there will be a conversation with the players?

- We are always talking.

- What emotions did you have in the second period? A lot of goals were conceded.

- We told each other to not think about the fact that we conceded, otherwise things will get worse. We wanted to make the fans happy in the third period, there are a lot of them here and we can hear their support. 

Russian Ice Hockey Federation

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