Liga Stavok Big National Team Tour. Russia 25 - Belarus - 6:2

Russia 25 cruised to a confident 6:2 win against Belarus in the fourth match of the 2024 Liga Stavok Big National Team Tour.

Maxim Dzhioshvili initially opened the scoring in Tula on the powerplay, but the Belarusians responded with two quickfire goals of their own through Vadim Moroz and Vitaly Pinchuk.

Nevertheless, our players reacted in the correct manner in the second stanza, as Vasily Glotov and Ivan Vydrenkov hit the jackpot. Our victory was then subsequently sealed in the third frame with Maxim Sorkin and Sergei Tolchinsky netting PP goals of their own, before Prokhor Poltapov rounded proceedings off at equal strength.

The tour will conclude in Minsk on Saturday with the same two sides facing each other again.

Match protocol:

Russia 25 - Belarus - 6:2 (1:2, 2:0, 3:0)


1:0 Dzhioshvili (Vorobyov, Tyanulin), 07.21 PPG
1:1 Moroz (Pinchuk, Kuznetsov), 08.25
1:2 Pinchuk (Khenkel, Salygo), 11.13
2:2 Glotov (Grudinin, Gritsyuk), 24.04
3:2 Vydrenkov (Chivilyov, Knyazev), 36.19
4:2 Sorkin (Vydrenkov, Tyanulin), 45.01 PPG
5:2 Tolchinsky (Gritsyuk, Karpukhin), 45.34 PPG
6:2 Poltapov (Abramov, Grudinin), 50.24

Goalkeepers: Pleshkov - Lubsky

Shots on target: 58 - 23

Faceoffs: 24 - 24

Penalty minutes: 8 - 12


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