Liga Stavok Cup of the Future. Belarus U20 - Russia U20 Whites - 3:2

In the team's second match of the Liga Stavok Cup of the Future, the Russia U20 Whites came up short against the under 20 Belarusian national team, suffering a slender 2:3 loss.

Three Belarusian markers during the second stanza allowed the hosts to open up a confident three-goal lead. In the ensuing third, Nikolai Khvorov and Mikhail Ilin did manage to haul our players back to within one, but Belarus just managed to hold on.

The final day of the tournament will take place on Tuesday, when the Russia U20 Whites face the Russia U20 Reds at 14:00 local time.

Match protocol:

Belarus U20 - Russia U20 Whites - 3:2 (0:0, 3:0, 0:2)


1:0 Bourosh (Volochko, Anoshko), 29.06
2:0 Bourosh (Anoshko, Karpovich), 33.58
3:0 Gumenyuk (Zhikharev), 36.27 PPG
3:1 Khvorov (Yapparov, Labutkin), 52.52 PPG
3:2 Ilin (Maryshev, Nasretdinov), 53.54

Goalkeepers: Zinaddin - Volokhin

Shots on target: 38 - 43

Faceoffs: 34 - 30

Hits: 12 - 12

Blocked shots: 25 - 11

Penalty minutes: 8 - 8


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