Russia's under 18 women's national team have trained in Novogorsk


Ahead of friendly matches against Germany and Switzerland, the under 18 Russian women's national team have been training in Novogorsk. Afterwards, head coach Evgeny Bobariko decided on his roster which will take part in the games on the 6th and 8th of October:

Merkusheva Valeria Sergeevna  20.09.1999 SKSO 168 60  
Tretyak Milena Olegovna  20.06.2000 ORBITA 163 53  
Klimkina Anna Andreevna 23.02.1999 BIRYUSA  171 64  
Grishina Varvara Sergeevna 01.05.2000 ATLANT 164 50  
Kochneva Polina Pavlovna 09.10.1999 SKIF 164 67  
Goncharova Elizaveta Aleksandrovna 19.07.2001 ATLANT 163 64  
Namestnikova Olesya Vadimovna 05.03.2001 SKIF  157 67  
Khaustova Alyona Igorevna  16.01.1999 TORNADO 169 72  
Beloglazova Darya Aleksandrovna 18.09.2000 PENGUINS 165 57  
Budanova Aleksandra Olegovna 03.05.2000 ATLANT  170 62  
Aleksandrova Maria Konstantinovna 19.08.2000 TORNADO 171 63  
Serova Maria Andreevna 07.07.2000 ATLANT 165 60  
Sokolova Ekaterina Sergeevna 29.08.2001 SKIF 168 64   
Dobrodeeva Ekaterina Ruslanovna 10.12.1999 BIRYUSA 158 60  
Pestova Anastasia Igorevna 16.04.2000 SKIF 160 56  
Starovoytova Alyona Mikhaylovna  22.10.1999 TORNADO 172 64  
Kosonogova Yulia Sergeevna 07.03.1999 SKIF 164 65  
Shibaeva Olga Mikhlaylovna  12.03.2000 ATLANT 169 68
Lobur Maria Sergeevna 30.11.2000 TORNADO 164 65  
Shatalova Tatyana Vladimirovna  17.08.1999 BIRYUSA  168 60  
Shirokova Olga Vladislavovna 13.02.2000 ORBITA 167 68

Evgeny Bobariko, Russia under 18 women's national team head coach:

- After competing in Germany two weeks ago, we're preparing to play again. We played well at that tournament, taking first place. However, after playing at a high level during the first two matches, we were poor in the third. Unfortunately, we didn't have the right mentality for that game. The coaches have had to make conclusions.

The team has changed around 70%. All of the lines are different, with a minimum of two or three new players. We are continuing to look at different players, and recently, we were at the women's youth championship. 

Our goal for these friendly matches are to see what these players are made of and how they follow the tactics in place. At the Novogorsk competition in December, we will have our main roster ahead of the World Championship.

Russian Ice Hockey Federation 

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