Russia U18 have participated in a skating master-class

At the Sirius Educational Centre in Sochi, the under 18 Russian national team participated in a skating master-class during a training camp. The players are working out according to the Red Machine National Development Program.

On July 9, coach Maxim Ivanov held a special training session where groups of players worked on their individual skating skills and capabilities with the puck at their sticks.

In August, Russia U18 will participate in the 2018 Ivan Hlinka Memorial Cup. The team will fly to Canada on July 31.

Russia U18 head coach Vladimir Filatov:

- We are training at the Sirius Educational Centre while the players are going through their preparations for the upcoming season. This is the second consecutive year when we have held a skating session with coach Maxim Ivanov. His skills help the players improve their technical ability and how they keep possession of the puck when skating. Without strong skating, it's impossible to play well in modern ice hockey, all top-class players are excellent on their skates.

Skating coach Maxim Ivanov:

- I am always happy to come here and speak with the guys. Thank you to the Russian Ice Hockey Federation for inviting me here for the second year in a row, it is important to train this current generation because ice hockey is constantly becoming faster.  The players need to learn techniques which will help them in the future.

Today, we worked 30 minutes on skating, before we spent another half an hour working with the puck.

Russia U18 forward Ilya Nikolaev:

- I have seen a lot of videos of Maxim Ivanov's trainings, he's a famous specialist. I think that today's training session has been really useful for us. Personally, when I return to my club, I will try to continue improving my skating. It's essential to be a high-level player. There were exercises with the puck, just skating and physical play.

Russian Ice Hockey Federation

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