Ball Hockey World Championship in Dmitrov

Between the 12th and 17th of June, the 2018 Ball Hockey World Championship will take place in Dmitrov, Russia.

This is the first time in history when Russia will host the competition. Instead of using ice and pucks, the game is held on a plastic surface with spheric balls. Nevertheless, the majority of the rules are based on the regulations created by the International Ice Hockey Federation.

In the women's category, Russia will compete against America, Canada, Great Britain and the Czech Republic. Representatives of the senior Russian women's national team will turn out for Russia.

Elsewhere, the men's tournament sees Russia pitted with Slovakia, Canada, the Czech Republic and Great Britain. Group winners move directly into the final, while teams in second and third places compete in the semi-final stage.

In connection with assisting other sports, the Russian Ice Hockey Federation supply equipment for both the men's and women's Russia teams, as well as the referees.

Tournament schedule:

June 12

Canada W - USA W, 11:00
Russia W - Great Britain W, 13:00
Russia - Slovakia, 17:00
Canada - Czech Republic, 20:00

June 13

Czech Republic - Slovakia, 10:00
Czech Republic W - Great Britain W, 12:00
USA W - Russia W, 14:00
Russia - Great Britain, 16:00
Slovakia - Canada, 18:00

June 14

Czech Republic W - USA W, 10:00
Great Britain - Canada, 12:00
Czech Republic - Russia, 14:00
Canada W - Great Britain W, 16:00
Russia W - Czech Republic W, 18:00

June 15

Slovakia - Great Britain, 09:00
Canada W - Czech Republic W, 11:00
Great Britain W - USA W, 13:00
Russia - Canada, 15:00
Great Britain - Czech Republic, 17:00
Russia W - Canada W, 19:00

June 16

5th-6th place playoff W, 10:00
5th-6th place playoff, 12:00
Semi-final W, 14:00
Semi-final, 16:00

June 17

3rd place playoff W, 09:00
3rd place playoff, 11:00
Final W, 13:00
Final, 15:00

Russian Ice Hockey Federation

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