2018 Black Sea Cup. Russia White - Russia Red - 5:3

In the decisive 2018 Black Sea Cup match, Russia White defeated Russia Red 5:3 at the Iceberg Arena in Sochi.

Alexander Yaremchuk (2), Artyom Nikolaev, Alexei Lipanov and Daniil Ogirchuk scored for Russia White, cancelling out Russia Red goals from Klim Kostin (2) and Artyom Volkov to win 5:3!

Russia White win the competition, Russia Red are in second, Switzerland earned third spot and Denmark brought up the rear in fourth.

Match protocol:

Russia White - Russia Red - 5:3 (2:2, 2:0, 1:1)


1:0 Yaremchuk (Starkov, Lipanov), 00.17
2:0 Yaremchuk (Olshanskiy, Lipanov), 08.16
2:1 Kostin (Samorukov, Alexeev), 12.31
2:2 Volkov (Rybakov), 16.15
3:2 Nikolaev (Kalabushkin, Ogirchuk), 22.50
4:2 Lipanov (Olshanskiy, Vasin), 39.20
4:3 Kostin (Samorukov, Alexeev), 47.25
5:3 Ogirchuk (Nikolaev), 59.36


Russian Ice Hockey Federation

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